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4 Benefits of Medication Management

Feb 20, 2023
4 Benefits of Medication Management
Most mental health disorders benefit from an approach to treatment that combines psychotherapy with medication. But medications for mental health conditions can be complicated. Learn how medication management can help.

Most mental health disorders benefit from an approach to treatment that combines psychotherapy with medication. At Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc. in Midlothian, Texas, our mental and behavioral health providers specialize in integrative care for people of all ages. 

Our team begins with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and pharmacogenetic testing to help determine which services and medications best meet your needs. If medications are on your treatment plan, you can gain peace of mind with our medication management services. 

Medication management can play an important role in your treatment through customized prescribing and monitoring of your condition and reaction to pharmacological therapy. Keep reading to learn more about the service and four key benefits it provides. 

1. Boost your treatment’s effectiveness

Mental health medications can help you become the best version of yourself while reclaiming control over your life — but only if used safely. However, finding the right medicine and dose can be tricky. 

Not all medications work the same way for every person. And even if a medication is the right one for your needs, it can take time and patience to find the right dose or combination. 

At Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc., your medication management provider specializes in mental health and pharmacology. This means they can fine tune your medication regimen as needed and help you reach your treatment goals sooner. 

During your initial appointments, our team asks you detailed questions about your medical history, family history, genetics, symptoms, and more to help us determine the best medicine for your diagnosis. 

2. Safer, more comprehensive treatment

Many people who take mental health or psychiatric medications stop taking them because of unintended side effects, often related to interactions with other drugs and substances — including seemingly harmless foods or supplements. 

In fact, about 66% of American adults use prescription drugs — often more than one. And everyone eats foods that could interact with different drugs. 

For example, chocolate and aged cheese have a chemical that can interact with certain antidepressants, while grapefruit contains a chemical that can cause drug toxicity with certain mental health medicines. 

At Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc., your medication management provider not only keeps you on track with your mental health medications, but they ask about other drugs and inform you about possible interactions with other substances. This helps keep you safer

If you have questions or if something changes, you and your provider review them at your follow-up appointments. And you can always call our team to ask questions or give them an update between appointments.

3. Better engagement with your treatment 

With medication management, you and your Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc., provider are a team. Your provider gives you ongoing support and provides education about your medicines and condition as needed.

The result? You become more involved and engaged with your treatment, enabling you to feel more informed and empowered about your mental health. 

Medication management also makes you more likely to stick with your treatment, even as you start to feel better. This is key since many people stop taking their medications when they perceive a positive change.

Stopping medications on your own is problematic since mental health medicines help your brain regulate key chemicals called neurotransmitters. Without the medicine, your brain reverts and symptoms return — and if you don’t stop taking them the right way, stopping could make symptoms worse.

4. Save time and money

Medication management can also help save you valuable time and money. Psychiatric specialists have the expertise needed to help you take the right medications at the right doses more effectively. 

In other words, instead of taking years to find the right dose or combination of drugs you need, your Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc., provider can help you reach a healthy state much sooner. And when you use the right medicines at the proper dosages, you can save financially as well.

Have more questions about the benefits of medication management? Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Peace, Hope & Harmony, Inc., in Midlothian, Texas. We also offer telehealth appointments.